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76 years...

From basements to bridges, a construction success story.


maybe a hangup or two along the way. 


it all started way back when...

The founder

It's 1947 in Noranda, Quebec. Charlie Lacroix is digging basements with a cable excavator. Little did he know, he and his dearest Iva would be packed up and living in Sudbury, Ontario ten years later. There is a real romance in a business grown slow. Used equipment, breakdowns, at-home bookkeeping. The first job was the Woolco building, installing all of the footings and foundation at the New Sudbury Shopping Center. Job by job, one piece of used equipment at a time, this was the recipe for lasting growth and Lacroix Construction.

The son

Stay with us! the year is now 1967. we are about to be introduced to Charlie's son Murray (affectionately referred to as "Pops"). It's His first business trip with dad around the Montreal Expo. His young eyes are bright with excitement over the towering steel Quick-Way machines that ran "ever so smooth". Gazing up at the heavy commercial equipment, he watches the hustle and bustle of suppliers, salespeople, and construction folks milling about. He knows it then and there. Time to work with dad. Time to set the Lacroix legacy in motion.

Offices or excavators.

" What do we need an office building for, Murray? You're taking up all the room, there won't be any space left in the yard for equipment! "

Charlie Lacroix
The Founder


In the spring of 1958, Charlie and Iva Lacroix moved from Noranda, Quebec to Serpent River, Ontario and incorporated the formerly known Lacroix Construction Co. (Sudbury) Ltd. A year later the company relocated to Sudbury, Ontario. It was shortly after Charlie landed his first job installing the footings and foundation for the Woolco building at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. The business has since flourished and moved to Lapointe Street where it is still located today

Murray Lacroix took over the business from his father in 1974. In 1990 Murray’s son Barry Lacroix came on board and managed the business along side his father. As of 2014 Barry Lacroix has been appointed president and reincorporated the business under Lacroix Construction Co. (2014) Ltd.

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Mission Statement

Lacroix Construction Co. (2014) Ltd., hereafter called “Lacroix Construction”, is a service-based organization with the belief that the customer’s expectations must not only be met but must be exceeded.

Lacroix Construction strives to provide prompt service, well maintained equipment and well-trained manpower.


Continuous Improvement

Lacroix Construction will always pursue continuous improvement as it pertains to serving its customers and managing employees.

Keeping Health and Safety top priority

Lacroix Construction is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environmental protecting all employee’s, customers, subcontractors and the general public. All operations will be conducted in a manner that meet industry standards such as, OHSA and Construction Safety regulations.

Increased Productivity

Lacroix Construction will continue to strive for growth, expanding our customer base, knowledgeability while increasing productivity.



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Ronald Doyle

"I think it would be a good place to work. Very friendly staff Bob the interviewer great guy."

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